The International Institute of Law and Technology (IILT) has six areas of disciplines which are integrated. Under its purview are Science, Health, Law, Business, Communication and Education with the technologies associated with each field.


International Institute of Law and Technology is composed of professionals with expertise in providing service, research and consultation in their respective disciplines. International Institute of Law and Technology has linkages with international law firms involved in areas of Law and Technology International Institute of Law and Technology is in partnership with various sectors of the Government such as the Department of Education, Department of Agrarian Reform, Department of Health and the Department of Science and Technology. GTI is also in partnership with prominent Legal, Technological and Business Institutions in Asia, US and Europe.


Law integrates everything. There are measures or regulations that are needed to be complied with in starting and maintaining a chosen discipline. Expert witnesses, medical malpractice, product liability, environmental chemistry, intellectual property law (Copyright, Patent and Trademark), company registration, commercialization of technology, contract drafting, breach issues, choice of law, arbitration in technology cases, transfer technology (our ITT), food and drug regulatory, licenses and permits, realty (Oakhill/Oakview), immigration cases and labor cases, are just a few that ILT could provide. Our scientists, physicians, technologists (Science and Technology Action Network Development), other professionals must all integrate with our legal services which will be anchored with our branches in Riga, Los Angeles, and Prague. Thus, the main hub will be in Manila.


Companies that IILT services include : AseanicBay Corporation (ABC), Cambridge Transnational Technologies (CTT), Daba Enterprise, Globetek Science Foundation-Manila/Davao, Integrative Transnational Technologies (ITT), Oakhill Development Corporation, Oakview Development Corporation Okeanic, Science and Technology Action Network and Development.

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